THE GOODSTUFF products follow the simple principle "LESS IS MORE"!

Recipes with only a few components: this leads to greater compatibility and the raw materials used are of special quality.

Little heat, pressure or friction during production: more nutrients from the fresh ingredients can be retained. No artificial additives, no flavor enhancers, no unnecessary fillers: for more naturalness!

All THE GOODSTUFF products are grain-free. Nature made dogs perfect - with the SUPER PREMIUM DOG FOOD we only give you what you actually need to optimally cover your nutritional requirements. 




THE GOODSTUFF pays special attention to:

1. maximum amount of meat                3. tasty herbs

     with fresh flesh                                                 fenugreek, dandelion, rosemary


2. ideal addition of carbs                       4. 0% additives

    low glycemic index amaranth                          No flavor enhancers, artificial colors,

                                                                             flavors, preservatives or other inferior


THE GOODSTUFF pays great attention to gentle production methods so that dogs receive a maximum of nutrients from particularly high-quality and fresh ingredients. The gentle production process - the so-called FRESH-MIX method - guarantees that none of the ingredients are exposed to pressure, excessive friction or excessive heat, and that nutrients are retained as best as possible.

Meat, amaranth, fruit, vegetables and valuable herbs are freshly and gently processed.



Fresh incredients

Strength lies in freshness!

A high proportion of fresh meat, lots of fruit and vegetables and a special mix of herbs.

Delivery channels

Regionality is important to us! Short delivery routes make an important contribution to the environment.

Low temperatures

Gently cooked in its own juice - so that nutrients are preserved as best as possible.

Little pressure

The less pressure, the less friction, the less heat - so that more nutrients reach the dog.